So I hit 2,000 followers! This so so cool I can’t believe that many people are here just for me posting about my favourite person on the planet. Hopefully everyone enjoys following my tumblr as much as I love running it and making gifs - thank you all lmao love youuuuu.

"What is a good luck charm, or something that you keep with you all the time, or when you’re in the studio? Do you have something that you like to keep around?"

#truth #freedom #rainbows

"I’m having my hair be a rainbow… I’m going through all the colours of the rainbow… I’m a rainbow… I’ve let colour into my life, it’s very metaphorical.” 

@KeshaRose: my baby king peeps on his throne at home 🐱🐱🐱❤️

"Have you gotten in trouble with the producers for saying bad words?"