got a bunch of drafts ready to post after Kesha’s been doing all these new interviews!!


and she’s got three more coming this week - I’m gonna be a busy bitch on photoshop!!

10 minutes ago

"They [your animals] can’t wait to hear your new album, what can you tell them?"

Kesha at Los Angeles International Airport.

16 hours ago
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"Where’s your mind at musically then?"


is this interview out yettttttttttt it’s not on their channel :(

nope! she’s said it’s coming soon so I’ve got the channel bookmarked so I can check every once in a while until its up!

"Kesha opened up about album details and collaboration rumors in a new interview after Rising Star tonight!" 

Anonymous asked:
what's the link to the most recent interview of the GIFS you just made? :)

here’s the one where she’s talking about fashion advice - [x]

and here’s the one where she’s meowing blow - [x]  :)